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Terms And Conditions

Nature of work. Hasling and roffing Roofing Comapny will provide the labor and materials to perform the work described in this document or in the referenced contract documents. Hasling and rooinf Company does not provide design, engineering, consulting or architectural services. It is the owner's responsibility to retain a licensed architect or engineer to determine proper design and code compliance, including determining if and what type of vapor or air retarder is needed. If drawings, specifications or other design documents have been provided to our company, the Customer warrants that they are sufficient and comply with all applicable laws and building codes. Our Company is not responsible for any loss, damage or expense due to defects in drawings or specifications or building code violations unless such damage is the result of a deviation by Our Compnay from specification. Our Company is not responsible for condensation, moisture migration from inside the building, roof deck or other building components, location or size of roof drains, suitability of drainage, accumulation of water on the roof , the structural conditions or the properties of the roof deck or substrate on which the Hasling And roofing work is installed. In this Policy, when we use the phrase

Asbestos and toxic Materials

This proposal is based on Hasling and roofing Company not coming into contact with toxic or asbestos-containing materials ("ACM"). Our Company is not responsible for expenses, claims or damages arising from the presence, alteration or removal of ACM. Hasling and Roofing Company will be compensated for additional expenses resulting from the presence of ACM. The customer agrees to indemnify Our Company from and against any liability, damages, losses, claims, lawsuits or citations arising from the presence of ACM.

Right to Stop Work

Failure by Customer to make proper payment to Company when due will constitute, in addition to all other rights, a substantial breach of contract and entitle in Our Company, at its discretion, to suspend all work and shipments, including the guarantee of supply, until full payment. It's done. The period of time in which Our Company will perform the work will be extended for a period equal to the period during which the Work was suspended, and the contract sum to be paid to Our Company will be increased by the amount of Company's reasonable closing costs . delay and start-up.


Hasling And roofing Company will carry general commercial, auto and workers' compensation insurance. Company will provide a Certificate of Insurance upon request. Customer will need to purchase and maintain builder's property and hazard insurance, including Company-provided labor and materials, covering fire, extended coverage, malicious mischief, vandalism and theft on premises to protect against loss or damage of material and partially finished work until the work is finished. completed and accepted. Money owed to Company will not be withheld for any damage or claim against Company covered by builder's liability, property or risk insurance.

Working Hours

This proposal is based on the performance of all work during normal Company business hours. Additional charges will be made for overtime and all premium time if required by the Client.